Academic Probation

Cadets whose cumulative grade point average or quarterly average falls below 1.7/C- or who carry two or more non-remediated grades of “F” on their academic transcript will be placed on academic probation. Cadets on academic probation will have the same consequences as those on academic warning, as well as additional restrictions deemed fit by the Academic Review Board. Additional restrictions will be administered on a case-by-case basis. Cadets placed on academic warning or academic probation may be required to attend tutor-assisted study, or other remedial learning situations to improve academic progress. The designation of academic probation may be lifted when the following takes place: completion of any following quarter when overall coursework reaches a cumulative grade point average of 2.0/C or above, and/or, remediation of “F” grades is completed. All cadets placed on academic probation will be required to appear before the ARB. If there is no improvement or if additional failures occur, the status of his/her cadetship will be forwarded to the Personnel Department for further recommendations and possible dismissal.