Accident or Injury Incidents

Report immediately to the Medical Officer and appropriate medical emergency responders any incidents of serious injury, any observed accident, fall or other type of situation which may have resulted in injury to persons on the CFOT campus. FOR LOCAL EMERGENCY SERVICE, CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT NUMBER (for the district) AT (845) 353-6190.

First Aid kits are available in the main office, kitchen, Family Care Center kitchen, Field Training department, and in each of the vehicles.

There are 13 Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in the following locations:

  • Front entrance main building (Talmadge)
  • Next to Health Office in Watson (l st floor of Watson)
  • Outside Cadet Dining room
  • Student Center entrance Pepper Hall (Main entrance & third floor)
  • Pepper Hall (Campus Ministry offices)
  • Davidson Hall (Main entrance & second floor)
  • Maintenance department
  • Agnew Hall (outside fitness center on lower level)
  • Agnew Hall (Main entrance)
  • Portable unit with Health Officer

For aid throughout the day, one can contact the Health Center Director by calling extension 21260, or in more urgent situations by directly calling the Health Center Director's cell phone, which is (845) 826-1853.