Appraisal Process

To "cultivate an atmosphere of spiritual, moral and intellectual growth reflecting God’s love in community,” we will have a respectful and transparent appraisal process each year

This process will include input from self and officers and will be inclusive of all aspects of community life.

Each year a profile of each cadet’s growth will be discussed by officer staff in face to face consultation with the cadet. The purpose of this process is to affirm and assist each Cadet in recognizing areas of strength, growth and maturity and areas of weakness and further developmental concentration as well as encouraging self-reflection and goal setting. An Appraisal Council then reviews the completed profile.

The Composite Profile drawn by the Council is shared with each cadet during an interview with a personnel officer. The cadet will see the positive growth in areas of personal characteristics, participation in services to people, and involvement in support activities, as well as to perhaps see areas where there is a need to develop, and to receive guidance. Our goal is that anything put in writing has already been discussed with the cadet. The cadet will be given opportunity for input and response.