Areas of Instruction

Letters:  area of study
First number:  year of study (lxx, 2xx), or Independent Studies or Electives (3xx)
Last two numbers:  course of study


Administration Studies

AD/GE101 Foundations of Leadership
AD201 Principles of Finance
AD202 Corps Financial Management
AD203 Salvation Army Administration - Policies, Procedures & Practices
AD204 Salvation Army Administration - Community Relations Development (Intensive)
AD205 Salvation Army Administration - Human Resource Management
AD206 Strategic Leadership
AD300 Administration Elective
AD310 Independent Studies in Administration

Biblical Studies

BS101 Biblical Interpretation
BS102 Biblical Literature - Old Testament I
BS103 Biblical Literature - Old Testament II
BS104 Biblical Literature - Old Testament III
BS201 Biblical Literature - New Testament I
BS202 Biblical Literature - New Testament II
BS203 Biblical Literature - New Testament III
BS300 Biblical Literature Elective
BS310 Independent Studies in Biblical Studies

General Education

GE100 College Writing & Prep  
GE/AD101 Foundations of Leadership
GE102 Human Physiology & Health
GE103 ESL (English as a Second Language)
GE106 Introduction to Public Communications
GE110 Teaching & Learning
GE111 Introduction to Psychology
GE112 Topics in Psychology
GE114 Introduction to Psychological Counseling
GE120 Spanish as a Second Language I
GE220 Spanish as a Second Language II

Mission & Ministries

ME101 Evangelism & Missiology
ME104 Music and Creative Arts
ME109 Spiritual Formation I
ME110 Homiletics I
ME112 Homiletics II
ME113 Programming for Missions & Ministries - Youth & Adult
ME204 Music and Creative Arts
ME208 Approaches to Faith-Based Counseling
ME209 Spiritual Formation II
ME213 Homiletics III
ME216 Introduction to Salvation Army Social Service Ministry Administration 
ME300 Mission & Ministries Elective
ME310 Independent Studies in Mission & Ministries
  Music and Creative Arts Instruction Options
  Brass (Beginner)
  Brass (Intermediate)
  Cadet Band
  Cadet Chorus
  Piano Lab
  Private Piano

Supervised Ministry

SM101 Field Training
SM102 Field Training
SM103 Field Training - Spring Campaign
SM104 Field Training
SM105 Field Training - Summer Internship
SM201 Field Training
SM202 Field Training - Christmas Assignment
SM203 Field Training
SM204 Field Training - Spring Campaign
SM205 Field Training
SM310 Independent Studies in Supervised Ministry

Theological Studies

TS101 Doctrine of The Salvation Army I
TS102 Doctrine of The Salvation Army II
TS103 Doctrine of The Salvation Army III
TS104 Church History
TS201 Doctrine of The Salvation Army IV
TS202 Salvation Army History
TS204 Ethics
TS300 Theology Elective
TS310 Independent Studies in Theological Studies