Awarding of Degrees

Degrees will be awarded to cadets in good standing who have completed the specified 94 units of credit and meet the following criteria:

  1. Maintain an overall accumulated grade point average of 2.0/C or higher.
  2. Achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in each of the following core requirement areas of study (# of courses): Biblical Studies (7), Theological Studies (7), Mission & Ministries Studies: Worship & Homiletics (5), and Supervised Ministry Studies (10).
  3. Have no failing grades over the entire curriculum (or have successfully completed the required supplemental work for failing grades before Commencement).

In rare cases, a cadet may be unable to successfully complete the academic work required for the Associate degree. This may be substantiated by continued failure in two successive academic terms. The cadet may continue training for officership if approved by college administration (the Cadet Review Board, the ARB, the Executive Council and the Training Principal). An “Individualized Educational Plan for Academic Probationary Cadet (IEPAPC)” will be developed by the Education Officer in consultation with the cadet and the Director of Curriculum. The final IEPAPC must be approved by the Executive Council and the Training Principal. The cadet must accept that no academic degree will be awarded after fulfillment of this academic plan.

In the tradition of Exchange Cadets, where appointments to the CFOT have been made in coordination with the home territory, it is understood that the cadet will not complete the full two years of curriculum and will not be eligible for the A.A.S. degree. An IIEP (International Individualized Educational Plan) will be developed based on the needs of the home territory sending (and receiving back) the cadets and the perceived needs and English language abilities of the cadet.

Finally, in extraordinary circumstances, even though all academic requirements have been met, the College has the right to withhold conferring a degree. This may be due to concerns or deficiencies in the realm of personal and cadet life and can occur only upon the instruction of the Training Principal.