Brengle Library Mission

The Brengle Library is part of the total formation process of the College for Officer Training (CFOT). Its mission is to nurture the union of sound learning and vital Christianity.

The library achieves its mission by

  • providing access to key resources relating to the disciplines of Salvation Army ministry
  • facilitating the access, evaluation and use of these resources, both effectively and efficiently.


The library’s core users are the cadets and faculty. The priority is always the training mission. As part of the CFOT, the wider Salvation Army, Christian academia and librarianship, the library also supports other research and learning, especially if it is by Salvationists or about The Salvation Army.

The library carries out its mission according to the standards and best practices of academic librarianship, and the ethos of The Salvation Army, reflecting and reinforcing the Christian framework of the CFOT.