Cadet Council

Cadet Council is organized each year to "promote communication between the cadets and the College administration and to promote the best interest of the College and the cadet body through positive recommendations and planned projects approved by the College's Executive Council. The council can be a valuable means of contributing to the general welfare of the College community." Members are elected to the council in class meetings, with the Assistant Training Principal for Administration serving as the advisor.

Cadets chosen to serve on Cadet Council must adhere to the following:

  1. Good spiritual influence
  2. Maintain good academic standing (grade point of B- minimum average, with all assignments up to date.)

Articles of Organization for the Cadet Council provide for a membership of seven cadets, each session electing three members—a single cadet, a married cadet without children and a married cadet who is a parent. In the event that a second track is present at the school and no representatives have been elected in the above process, an additional member from the track may be elected. A second-year cadet from the previous year’s council will be elected by the session. Cadets may serve for terms of one year only with the exception of the person re-elected from the previous year’s council. Class officers may not be members. Meetings are convened monthly during the academic year. Recommendations and Executive Council responses are posted.