Code of Conduct

A cadet has voluntarily joined the college’s community and thereby assumes responsibility for abiding by all standards that have been instituted by the College for Officer Training. Cadets should read this set of standards and adopt this code as a part of their own values and behavioral guidelines:

  1. The intrinsic value of the person stands above other values. The personal rights and dignity of individuals are to be held inviolate and take precedence over any other personal goals.
  2. A cadet is respected as a responsible adult. Cadets are encouraged to make informed decisions with respect to their own education and spirituality and to be involved in College decisions to the extent possible.
  3. Just as the individual cadet has his/her own personal rights, so the College has an obligation to exercise its rights and privileges in conformity with the laws and procedures governing its Christian, Salvation Army proprietary and accreditation actions.
  4. The College recognizes that the freedom to teach and learn depend upon the opportunities and conditions in the classroom, on the campus and in the larger community. This responsibility to secure and respect the best general conditions conducive to learning is shared by all members of the community. Personal and Academic Freedoms are meaningless unless a shared responsibility is also present.