Faculty Affairs Committee

Director of Curriculum and six (6) full-time faculty and/or administrative faculty elected by vote of the faculty at the annual August faculty meeting compose this committee. The Director of Curriculum will chair this committee. The Training Principal may designate an additional member. The meetings will be at the call of the chair who will be responsible for creation of the agenda. The ATPA (Assistant Training Principal for Administration) will serve ex officio, bringing full membership to nine (9) persons.

The aim of the committee is always proactive: to develop, enhance and protect the quality of instruction of the CFOT and the academic freedom of each faculty member.

The committee will review policies concerning faculty governance, welfare, discipline, and grievances. When necessary the committee, or a designated sub-committee, will hear any individual grievance cases and make recommendations to the corresponding authority/authorities. To redress concerns satisfactorily and to avoid formal grievances is the ultimate goal.

The FAC will also discuss and propose recommendations for the revision of existing policy and the creation of potential new policies. Achieving consensus by vote, these will proceed to the Curriculum Council and then to the Executive Council for final approval and implementation.

Additional responsibilities of this group may include discussion and recommendations regarding:

  • Faculty course-load
  • The scope and sequence of the curriculum
  • Faculty working conditions
  • Shared Peer Teaching Development Teams and Process
  • Course evaluation process and assessments
  • Faculty professional development
  • Recommendations for Faculty Meetings
  • Recommendations for Faculty Workshops
  • Recommendations for Faculty Enrichment Seminars