Faculty Directory

David E. Antill, Major, Territorial Secretary for Pastoral Care, THQ.  Commissioned, 1978. B.S. (Business Administration), Eastern Nazarene University; M.Min. (Applied Theology), Mt. Vernon Nazarene University; M.Div., Wesley Biblical Seminary; D.Min. (Formation Counseling), Ashland Theological Seminary. Faculty, 2016-2017, 2019-current.  

Ismael Correa, Major, Urban Ministries Director, THQ.  Commissioned, 2000.  B.S. (Organizational Management), The King's College.  Faculty, 2002-2015, 2019-current.  

Miguelina A. Feliz, Major, Curriculum Officer. Commissioned, 1996. B.S.W., Youngstown State University; M. Div., Indiana Wesleyan University. Faculty, 2017-current.

Felicia Flora, Captain, Personnel Officer. Commissioned, 2005. B.A. (Psychology), Jersey City State College; M.P.S. (Urban Ministry & Church Development), Alliance Theological Seminary. Faculty, 2018-current

Robin Fraser, Assistant Director of Business. B.S. (Accounting), Messiah College. Faculty, 1994-current.

Eva R. Geddes, Major, Director of Curriculum. Commissioned, 1979. B.A. (Spanish, Psychology & Education), Bates College; M.Div., Alliance Theological Seminary; D.Min., Alliance Theological Seminary. Faculty, 1998-9, 2004-15, 2018-current.

Heather L. Holt, Major, Field Training Officer. Commissioned, 2004. B.S. (Human Development & Family Studies), Penn State University. Faculty, 2015-current.

Joshua Jones, Captain, Business Officer/Home Officer. Commissioned, 2011. B.A. (Sociology), Houghton College. Faculty, 2018-current.

Michelle Jones, Captain, Home Officer. Commissioned, 2011. A.O.S., School for Officer Training; B.A. (Religion), Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Faculty, 2019-current.     

David E. Kelly, Lt. Colonel, Training Principal.  Commissioned, 1980.  A.B.A. (Business Administration), Schenectady County Community College; M.A. (Leadership & Ministry), Greenville College.  Faculty, 2019-current.

Naomi R. Kelly, Lt. Colonel, Assistant Training Principal for Ministry Development.  Commissioned, 1977.  B.A. (Organizational Management), Eastern University.  Faculty, 1980-1981, 2019-current.

Jongwoo Kim, Major, Assistant Training Principal for Administration. Commissioned, 1995. B.E. (Architectural Engineering), Dankook University; M.Div., Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea. Faculty, 2011-current.

Misook Kim, Major, Campus Ministries Director. Commissioned, 1995. B.A. (Social Studies Education), Sungshin Women’s University. Faculty, 2011-current.

Christianne Livingston, Human Resources Manager, THQ. M.S. (Human Resource Management), Thomas A. Edison State College. Faculty, 2014-current.

Richard Munn, Colonel, International Social Justice Commission Director.  Commissioned, 1987.  B.Ed. (Physical Education), St. Luke's College; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary; D.Min., Gordon Conwell Seminary.  Faculty, 2019-current.

David E. Payton, Major, Curriculum Officer/Personnel Officer. Commissioned, 1993. B.A. (Christian Ministries), Asbury College; M.A. (Communications/Film Studies), Regent University; M.A. (Spiritual Formation), Spring Arbor University. Faculty, 2015-current.

Marika Payton, Major, Associate Director of Personnel. Commissioned, 2001. M.A. (Pedagogy, Elementary Education & Fine Arts), Sulxan Saba University. Faculty, 2015-current.

Robin Rader, Library Director. B.A. (Biology), Asbury College; M.L.S., St. John’s University; M.A. (Urban Studies-Community Development), Eastern University. Faculty, 1997-current.

Raquel Ramirez, Major. Commissioned, 2000. B.A.  (Psychology), Autonomous University of Santo Domingo; Post Graduate Family Therapy, Catholic University Santo Domingo. Faculty, 2015-current.

Christian Riesebieter, Music Coordinator. B.Mus. (Music), Boston Conservatory; M.M. (Music), Azusa Pacific University. Faculty, 2018-current.

Kristin Rivero, Major, Campus Services Coordinator. Commissioned, 1998. B.A. (Sociology & Spanish), Houghton College. Faculty, 2010-11, 2018-current.

Jose Antonio Rodriguez-Morell, Library Assistant. B.A. (Music Education), University of Puerto Rico; M.A. (Educational Leadership & Management), Inter American University of Puerto Rico; TESOL/TEFL Certificate, Oxford Seminars. Faculty, 2018-current.

Lorena Simmonds Lance, Accreditation Records Manager. B.Mus. (Music), McMaster University; B.Ed. (Music & English), University of Western Ontario; M.P.S. (Christian Education), Alliance Theological Seminary. Faculty, 2016-current.

Joshua Simpson, Captain, Curriculum Officer. Commissioned, 2005. B.S. (Behavioral Science), Penn State University; M.A. (Church History), Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Faculty, 2013-current.

Sun Kyung Simpson, Captain, Spiritual Formation and Worship Coordinator. Commissioned, 2006. B.A. (Christian Studies), Hannam University; B.A. (Social Welfare), Hannam University; M.A. (Spiritual Formation), Asbury Theological Seminary. Faculty, 2013-current.

Margaret Starnes, Major, Assistant Director of Personnel. Commissioned, 1983. B.S. (Organizational Management), Nyack College; M.S. (Inclusive Education), Nyack College. Faculty, 2015-current.

Ronald L. Starnes, Major, Director of Business. Commissioned, 1983. B.A. (Music & Christian Education), God’s Bible School and College; M.A. (Leadership and Ministry), Greenville College; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary. Faculty, 2015cCurrent.

Alberto Suarez, Major, Director of Personnel. Commissioned, 1988. B.A. (Business Management), Malone University. Faculty, 1998-2003,2016-current.

Iris Torres, Major, Spanish Studies Coordinator. Commissioned, 2002. B.A. (English), University of Puerto Rico. Faculty, 2011-current.

Sheila Williams-Gage, Captain, Education Officer.  Commissioned, 2007.  B.A., Min. (Christian School Education), Nazarene Bible College; M.Ed. (Curriculum & Instruction), Concordia University.  Faculty, 2019-current.