Faculty Workload

In compliance with the New York State Department of Education, Board of Regents, the following statement is a proposal for a ceiling limit on teaching.

As the current academic calendar system adopted by the College is a quarter system, no single faculty member should be assigned to teach more than 2 new preparations and no more than 3 courses in any single quarter, or be required to teach more than 6 - two or three-credit courses - in a single year. This would be the faculty course-load "ceiling." Additionally, faculty members should limit the number of Independent Studies to no more than two in any single academic quarter.

Faculty members with significant additional administrative duties, spiritual development responsibilities, and/pr assigned as brigade officers may negotiate adjustments to the "3-course per term or 6-course per year" ceiling.

Faculty members may request an increase to their teaching load predicated upon appropriate credentials and qualifications.

Sudden, unforeseen circumstances may also necessitate an unexpected increase or decrease in course-load.