Field Training & Evangelism


The Field Training and Evangelism Department strives to contribute to the lives of the cadet population in a united effort to produce the very best Salvation Army Officers possible.

The Field Training and Evangelism Department is responsible for providing the cadet with the opportunity of putting into practice the information and techniques that are taught in the classroom.

“The supreme aim of training shall be to develop officers possessing such Blood and Fire Spirit that they will be enabled to sustain and advance the interests of The Salvation Army.”
(O & R for the training of Salvation Army Officers, p.7.)

Methods used by the Field Training Department in the practical training of cadets are the result of continual monitoring of ministry on the field, ongoing dialogue with newly commissioned officers and the collective experience of CFOT officers. (See Field Training Syllabus)

It is always our intent to keep this training in line with the latest trends in Salvation Army ministry without losing sight of our heritage as Salvationists and the ultimate goal of leading people into God’s Kingdom through evangelism and discipleship.