Fire Safety Drill / Fire Evacuation Procedures

It is your responsibility to read and understand the fire evacuation plan. This plan is

  • Fires and suspicious smoke or fumes should be reported immediately to the Police Department (845-357-2300) and the offices at the numbers above or the central switchboard.
  • When the building alarm sounds, all cadets, cadet children, staff and employees are Once outside the building move to your squad's assigned meeting place. Do not linger in the roadways, fire equipment must have free access. Monitors or their alternates must quickly check attendance to ensure that everyone has evacuated the building. If anyone is missing, report that name to the Police Officer or Fire Chief on the scene. Do not re-enter the building under any circumstance. The of batteries of smoke detectors is a criminal offense.
  • During class hours, Instructors will assume responsibility for their class evacuation. Use the exit nearest your classroom. There are fire escape windows in each classroom.