Harassment, Discrimination & Assault in the CFOT Community

The Salvationist tradition has in its history and mission a deep and abiding respect for the dignity of individuals and their cultures. The CFOT is committed to action that supports such diversity and enables all members of the CFOT community to build and enhance relationship in a safe environment. The CFOT is also committed to providing and maintaining a healthy living and working environment for all cadets, cadet children, staff and faculty members free of harassment, discrimination and/or assaulting behavior of any kind against any person or group of individuals based on race, gender, age, national origin, religion, marital status or disability. In accordance with Salvation Army values, its role as an educational institution and local, state and federal laws, the CFOT condemns any such form of harassment, discrimination and/or assaulting behavior in the CFOT community.

Any cadet or cadet child found to have engaged in such conduct is subject to CFOT disciplinary sanctions up to and including probation and/or termination. In addition, any cadet or cadet children who violate any state, federal or municipal law, shall be subject to disciplinary action for said offenses by appropriate authorities.

The CFOT will submit to disciplinary review, any cadet alleged to have engaged in any of the above behaviors. Any such action taken by the CFOT will proceed in accordance with the CFOT’s disciplinary procedures listed in the herein.