Independent Study & Transfer of Learning

After the Fall term of the first year, except in exceptional circumstances, any cadet who has documented course work on a college transcript for a particular course, may request an alternative course of study to be considered as an Independent Study. The request for Independent Study must indicate that the prior equivalent coursework received a grade of “B-” or better and the cadet must have a current minimum CFOT grade point average of 3.0 or higher (or near-certain probability of having that GPA by the time the academic term begins). All requests for Independent Study must be submitted to the Education Officer for approval prior to the first day of classes for the academic term in which it is to take place. Independent studies are requested by the cadet in consultation with the Education Officer. The cadet secures the application to undertake the coursework and submits the completed application to the Education Officer for review and approval by the ARB. The cadet may petition that the Independent Study be designed to undertake additional coursework in the same area or discipline of study as the course to be substituted for, or another area where they are more inclined, talented naturally, by earlier education or motivationally or, on the other hand, where the cadet feels the need for stronger preparation. Notification of approval or disapproval should be completed within one week of receipt of the completed form and the cadet and instructor informed. If approved, completed work under an Independent Study contract will be graded by the supervising instructor, according to the schedule of any other course in the term, and a grade forwarded to the Education Officer.