International Students

International students may be accepted as cadets, as indicated above, when satisfactory documents pertaining to high school completion are provided. International cadets may receive academic and other advice from the CFOT Immigration Officer and, particularly, U.S. government requirements and information from the Immigration Specialist at THQ. Studying as a “foreign exchange” student (FI visa) and a non-citizen of the United States can be a complex situation and a number of rules, regulations and laws governing this process exist. This process is marked by a number of renewal dates and regulations which cadets must adhere to and fulfill on time to maintain “lawful presence.”

The THQ Immigration Specialist has the training and knowledge to assist all in this process. A brief session with international students will be a part of the College’s Fall Orientation to ensure all are cognizant of the process, the aid that they can receive and are complete and up-to-date in meeting regulations to satisfactorily study at that time.