Late Assignments

An assignment is late if not given to the instructor at the required time as indicated in the course syllabus. This applies to all written assignments for Unicheck and for those assignments that are to be given to the instructor. All course work is due at the beginning of the class or as assigned in the approved course syllabus. All written assignments are to be submitted through Unicheck (see Academic Integrity) which indicates the exact time that papers were submitted, providing a receipt.

Absence from class, is not an acceptable excuse for turning in an assignment late. If a cadet is absent, and the assignment is not in a format that can be submitted by Unicheck, they are to e-mail it to the instructor or arrange for another cadet to hand deliver it by the assigned time.

Late assignments are considered a serious failure to meet course requirements. Grades for late assignments will be reduced 5 percent for each day late, including weekends and holidays. After one week late, the assignment will receive a grade of “F, 0 points” and is not eligible for additional work. Repeated lateness of assignments will be addressed by the Education Officer and ARB, and the Personnel Department may be notified.