Professional Development of Teaching Faculty

Individual Responsibilities
The College for Officer Training requires effective faculty that are good role models in ministry and Salvation Army leadership. They are proficient in teaching, challenging and mentoring others, and have a background of expertise in their teaching area of instruction. The aim is that each Course Organizer and each teaching faculty member will possess a Master's degree in the subject area being taught. Upon appointment to the College, those who do not possess a Master's degree are expected to enroll in a graduate degree program in the area of their teaching discipline. Progress should be planned so as to complete the degree within a reasonable period of time appropriate to the degree.

Teaching faculty members are expected to keep themselves intellectually alert and informed through attendance at professional society meetings, workshops and conferences, pursuing formal study toward advanced degrees, reading professional journals, and such other means as may be useful in this respect. Faculty members are expected to complete and update a Faculty Development Plan outlining their intentions to upgrade their teaching credential and capabilities and to remain current in the field of their expertise; this form should be stored in the instructor's file, in the Curriculum Office. Departments should budget appropriately for meeting/conference attendance by faculty and Territorial Education Grants are available for formal course work.