Reading and Written Assignments

Suggested limits in reading and written assignments apply to all courses to keep the work load for cadets manageable and fair and to attempt to provide balance among the differing courses. These are guidelines as some texts are word-dense, filled with complex ideas and terminology, definitions and theory while others are not, and multiple-page papers do not always indicate margins, double or single spacing and indents. Some in-class writing assignments may not be counted within the page numbers listed below and a “take-home” final exam might be excluded, as long as reasonable expectations are made. Instructors are given leeway here but to ensure fairness, equality, and yet support pedagogical objectives in work demanded, from course to course, these suggestions are offered. Extreme variations should be discussed with the Division Chair, Education Officer, and Director of Curriculum.  Scripture reading assignments in Biblical Studies courses are not counted in these page counts.

One-credit course reading assignments up to 250 pages
  writing assignments up to six typed pages
Two-credit course reading assignments up to 350 pages
  writing assignments up to eight typed pages
Three-credit course reading assignments up to 450 pages
  writing assignments up to ten typed pages