Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

  1. Reporting and Resolution
    All incidents of sexual or gender harassment should be reported by the complainant to the Director of Personnel. Complaints will be treated with discretion and will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. The complainant may be asked to put the complaint in writing.
  2. False Complaints
    These are allegations made knowing that they are not true that can have a similar impact. Intentional false charges are grounds for discipline up to and including discharge and/or expulsion. Disciplinary proceedings shall follow applicable procedures that are indicated above.
  3. Confidentiality
    The CFOT is committed to balancing the interest of all parties involved in sexual and gender harassment complaints and will attempt to keep the name of the complainant confidential and to respect the rights of the accused harasser. However, the CFOT recognizes that there are certain situations that may require disclosure of information. Further, when credible information received through investigation shows that there may be violations of other CFOT policies, then the appropriate officers will be notified.
  4. Investigation Process
    The Director of Personnel shall be informed of all reported complaints of sexual or gender harassment. In cases where the person complaining of the harassment and the person complained about are both cadets, the Director of Personnel will assume primary responsibility for overseeing the investigation process. In other cases of faculty or employee complaints, the Director of Personnel will work with the Assistant Training Principal for Administration in the investigation process. The CFOT recognizes that many relating to sexual or gender harassment are resolved through discussions with and advice from the Director of Personnel and the Assistant Training Principal for Administration. This resolution may include but is not limited to an apology by the respondent, a commitment by the respondent not to repeat the offending behavior and/or to take steps to achieve that goal by for example, seeking counseling or acceptance that no further action is warranted.
  5. Further Investigation
    The Director of Personnel will conduct further investigations if the complaint is not resolved in the above manner. When a cadet is accused of sexual or gender harassment, the non-academic disciplinary procedure set forth in the code of cadet responsibility shall apply. The Director of Personnel will promptly inform the respondent of the identity of the person who will conduct the investigation and the respondent will be provided with ample opportunity to respond to the complaint. Every reasonable attempt will be made to resolve all harassment complaints in a timely fashion. The investigation will be conducted with discretion. Only individuals who may have substantial information directly relevant to the complaint will be interviewed as witnesses.

    If the complaint is found to have no merit or if the facts cannot be established, the complainant and the respondent will be informed, no further action will be taken and nothing will be placed in the respondent's file. If after a full and fair investigation, the Director of Personnel together with the appropriate administrative officer determines that a member of the CFOT community violated the sexual harassment policy, appropriate action will be recommended including but not limited to:

      Training education
      A reprimand
      Disciplinary sanctions
      Termination or expulsion

    No recommendation for action will made without providing the respondent with an opportunity to respond to all complaints raised against them. The respondent will receive timely written notification of the recommendation. The Director of Personnel will keep a separate record of each investigation.

  6. Retaliation
    No person, including parties and witnesses exercising his/her rights and/or responsibilities on the sexual harassment policy or procedures shall be subject to retaliation or threat of retaliation of any form. Retaliation shall include but is not limited to those actions directed against an individual on the basis of or in reaction to the exercise of rights accorded and/or defined by this policy which affects a person's employment, advancement, scholarship, performance, habitation and/or property. A finding of retaliation or a threat of retaliation will constitute a separate violation of this policy and be subject to separate or consolidated disciplinary procedures and is not dependent upon the finding of a violation of any other section of the policy. Complaints of retaliation shall be made to the Director of Personnel.