Statement of Core Values


  • Worship — We seek to worship God in response to His presence as He reveals Himself to us. We are the temple of the Living God and our worship is Trinitarian: God-directed, Christ-centered, and Spirit-empowered. It is personal, but it is also shared with the community of believers and is a witness to the unbeliever. Worship is not just forms and rituals, but attitude and spirit based upon God's WORD, the Bible, and shaped through prayer.
  • Salvation — We proclaim the promise of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and aim to lead as many people as possible to the Kingdom of God.
  • Holiness — We desire to live holy lives through the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Evangelism — We endeavor to bring hope to the hopeless and redeem the lost through the fervent proclamation of the Good News.
  • Discipleship and Spiritual Formation — We resolve to be like Jesus and train others to follow Him. Central to this is self-discipline in personal spiritual formation.
  • Mission —  We live to "love the unloved"; we are an Army on mission with God to a fallen creation.
  • Family — We cherish the family unit. All within the family are children of God: man, woman, and child — and are encouraged to discover their individual capabilities and develop their spiritual capacities through mutual support within the context of Salvation Army ministry.
  • Community — We believe that mutual encouragement, compassion, and communication enhance positive relationships.
  • Lifelong Learning —  We value the life lessons and educational experiences brought to our community by both cadets and faculty, commit ourselves to excellence in academic pursuits during the training experience, and seek to develop a continuing pattern of learning throughout our lifetimes.