Teaching Evaluations and Development

Course Evaluations (by students/cadets) - Cadets are asked to complete and submit an anonymous course evaluation at the end of each academic quarter, for each class taken during that term. Normally, the cadets will complete the evaluation forms near the end of one of the last class sessions for that term. The evaluation forms will be provided to the instructors by the Curriculum Office during the last week of instruction. Completed forms will be reviewed by the Division Chair and the Director of Curriculum and uncensored copies provided to the instructors being evaluated after the completion of grades for that term. After review, all course teaching evaluations for each instructor will be maintained in the Curriculum Office for a period of three years in the instructor's Faculty File.

Shared Peer Teaching Development will be established for all Faculty. The purpose is to enhance teaching by sharing pedagogical and andragogical methods, insights and materials. This could encourage a unified sense of mission and inspire a life-long dedication to teaching. It will affirm the maintenance of educational standards and academic rigor at the CFOT by an annual assessment of instruction.

Ultimately, this process is the obligation of the Director of Curriculum and reports or portfolios provided from this effort (as records) will be housed in the faculty member's file in the Curriculum Office. Division Chairs may visit classes in progress to accomplish this review process. Every course taught by the faculty member will be reviewed within a three-year period, but no instructor will be required to have every course they teach viewed every year within this process. Many methods are capable of being used and useful in this teaching development process, however, classroom visits will be an essential and required part.