The Salvation Army: Its Character and Purpose

The Salvation Army is an organization composed of persons who know their sins have been forgiven and are united in love for God and humanity. The purpose of The Salvation Army is to bring others into relationship with Jesus Christ.

The word "Salvation" indicates the purpose of the organization; namely, to persuade all people to submit to God, embrace the salvation provided for them in Christ, accept God the Father as their King, obey His laws and spend their lives in favor with God both here and hereafter.

The word "Army" indicates that the organization is a fighting force, constantly at war with the powers of evil. In addition, there are certain features of construction and government that resemble a military Army. It differs, however, from all such armies in that its object is not to slay but to save.

An Officer of the Army is a man or woman who:

  1. has left ordinary pursuits or occupations;
  2. has consecrated his/her life to the service of God and the people;
  3. has undergone a course of training;
  4. and is engaged in full-time service as a leader in The Salvation Army's ranks.

Without dedicated and capable leadership the organization would be frustrated in its efforts to extend the kingdom of God and alleviate the ills of mankind. The Salvation Army officer is required to serve efficiently in many fields of endeavor.