Track in Spanish (TIS)

The goal of the Track in Spanish is to provide a program of study in a multicultural context, in accordance with the mission and purpose of Salvation Army training, which will meet the particular needs of Hispanic ministries in the USA Eastern Territory, as well as respond to the global Army vision and commitment to the salvation of the world.

Therefore, TIS is committed:

  • To provide a program intended to develop and/or enhance knowledge, capabilities, spirit and character of Latin men and women called to officership.
  • To provide a parallel course of study to ensure instruction in accordance with the National Curriculum Statement.
  • To provide a well-rounded overall learning experience designed to foster personal growth, spiritual development and self-discipline as well as to expand ministry opportunities at the local and international level.
  • To provide the opportunity to improve and/or gain vocabulary especially in Bible and doctrine, for teaching, serving and discipling multicultural congregations.


The particulars of the TIS program are as follows:

  • Courses taught in Spanish are parallel to those in English (same content, same rigor, same course requirements). Administration courses are taught in English with bilingual faculty resources to assist in class.
  • Courses in Spanish include culturally appropriate examples and current topics in preparation for and response to a fast-growing Hispanic community.
  • CFOT community life is multicultural and multilingual, with English as the primary language of official communication.
  • The Spanish Studies Coordinator selects a translation team each year consisting of bilingual officers and cadets. Translation into Spanish is provided for community gatherings, lectures and other on-campus public meetings. All material utilized must be submitted to the Coordinator at least 48 hours in advance for translation purposes.
  • Cadets in the TIS are expected to gain knowledge of English and/or develop their bilingual potential by taking ESL, Administration courses, and participating in brigades and other campus programs in English.
  • English language speakers who have proven written and verbal capacity in Spanish may elect to take some courses in Spanish. Those in the TIS have the opportunity to take courses in English when verbal and written capacity is demonstrated.