Use of Official Vehicles – No Charge

Official College vehicles can be used at no charge for cadet appointments (i.e. medical, business, public school appointments, other special circumstances as approved by the Director of Personnel ). Every effort must be made to avoid appointments during scheduled time.

The procedure for requesting use of a vehicle at no charge is to complete a Request for Official Use of CFOT Vehicle form located in the Personnel Department and must be cleared 2 days prior to use. Last minute request will not be honored unless it is an absolute emergency. Once the request is approved by the Personnel Department the form will be taken to the Transportation Office and a vehicle will be assigned if available.

A vehicle used for this specific purpose is not to be utilized for other purposes. For example: A cadet may not obtain the use of a vehicle for a doctor’s appointment and then use it to do any kind of personal shopping afterwards, even if the shopping is “on the way”. The only exception to this rule would be picking up of a medical prescription before coming back to the campus from a doctor’s appointment. Again, the vehicle must be returned by the scheduled time, to the assigned parking spot, upon your return. It must be clean.

Vacation time: There will be no personal use of CFOT vehicles.

All Cadets must register their vehicle with the transportation office. (Providing a valid registration and Insurance Identification card). Vehicles not registered will be ticketed, fine and subject to tow at owner’s expense.