Withdrawal and Readmission Policy for Cadets

While the College staff and faculty will do all they can to aid cadets in their studies and spiritual development, events such as illness, family concerns, and personal demands may cause a cadet to withdraw from the College.  Cadets feeling this strain are urged to seek the counsel of officers in the Personnel Department.  If, even after seeking counsel, a cadet decides to interrupt their training before being commissioned, they must have an exit interview with the Training Principal and the Director of Personnel.  Deliberations, discussion and final decision will remain in confidential file in the Director of Personnel's office in the case (and hope) that the cadet may, at some time in the future, wish to be readmitted to the College.  Any consideration for readmission to the College must be initiated through the cadet's divisional command as an application for readmission to the Territorial Candidates' Board and will be considered on an individual basis.  Any fee, tuition or other costs paid by the cadet will be assessed for refund according to the policy on refunds listed in the Community Guidelines.  

Occasionally it becomes necessary for a cadet to conclude their enrollment at the College in response to counsel of the Executive Council of the College, based on concerns that arise regarding the cadet's capacity to continue.  The refund policy will remain the same for this situation.